• Chauffeur Services are performed here:
  • Company “BG Trans Company” Ltd Offers you the following chauffeur services:
  1.    Transportation options to Bulgaria and within the European Union include Sofia airport transfers to destinations like Bansko, Borovets, and Pamporovo.
  2.    Rent luxury cars, minivans, minibuses, vans, and coaches for city tours in Sofia, complete with a driver.
  3.   Van and bus rentals with drivers fluent in English, Russian, or Spanish are available.
  4.   Organized tours in Bulgaria and abroad are available, featuring brand new & luxury vehicles.
  5.   Individual transfers are available to both summer and winter tourist resorts within Bulgaria and the European Union.
  6.   VIP Transfers to Bansko and Private Chauffeur Services.


Our vehicles / Fleet / Limos / Coaches

  • All the vehicles in our car pool are sourced from the premium segment of high-class car manufacturers, specifically Mercedes-Benz.

Business Class – Black Private Cab Taxi

Chauffeur Sofia

Chauffeur Sofia

Private Business Van / Sprinter – Airport Transfer

Luxury Van Rental

Chauffeur Sofia

First Class / S class VIP – Luxury SUV 4Matic

Chauffeur services Sofia

Chauffeur services Sofia

Pricing (One Way)

  • Mercedes-Benz W223 S-Class:
    • One-way Sofia Airport Transfer: €125.00
    • Daily Chauffeur Service (8 hours): €650.00
  • Mercedes-Benz W167 GLS-class SUV:
    • One-way Sofia Airport Transfer: €100.00
    • Daily Chauffeur Service (8 hours): €500.00
  • Mercedes-Benz W447 V-Class:
    • One-way Sofia Airport Transfer: €75.00
    • Daily Chauffeur Service (8 hours): €350.00

School Bus | Shuttle bus Services Hire

shuttle bus AutoBus coach

School Bus Bulgaria

Transfers Pamporovo

Limo auto park Blacklane

  • Renault Master 16+1 seat – shuttle bus – school bus – 6 pieces Our Point-to-Point transport service offers a seamless journey from the office to your important meetings. Travel from one location to another and maximize your most valuable asset—your time. Enjoy the comfort of traveling between any two points for a fixed rate.
  • Rather than deal with the hassles of yellow cabs or theirs crazy driving, you can work productively, make calls, plan for the meeting ahead… or just relax & enjoyed with our professional chauffeurs and luxurious black limousines.
  • As with all our chauffeured services, you travel in your choice of the finest, luxury vehicles from Our Fleet. Be productive or take it easy – just enjoy the ride. Because you can count on Us to do more for you.
  • Brand new VIP coach Setra 515 HD with 50 luxury seats for excursions

    Chauffeur services Sofia


  • Commercial Arrivals:

1. All arrivals, both domestic and international, include a 45-minute waiting period after reaching the gate. Beyond this period, wait time will be charged in 15-minute increments, according to the hourly rate for the reserved vehicle type.

2. In the event of a flight cancellation, the trip will be billable if our chauffeur was already en route or present at the location.

  • FBO Arrivals:

1. A 30-minute spot time is provided for all FBO arrivals. Should you need a spot time exceeding 30 minutes, additional charges will apply in 15-minute increments, reflecting the hourly rate of the reserved vehicle type.

2. Wait time is calculated from the scheduled pickup time at an FBO, with no grace period allotted.

3. In the event of a flight cancellation, the trip will be billable if our chauffeur was en route or already on-site.

  • Departures/Point to Point:

1. All departures and point-to-point transfers come with a complimentary 15-minute waiting period. Beyond that, waiting time is charged in 15-minute increments, according to the hourly rate for the reserved vehicle type.

  • Hourly/Charters:

1. Billing for Hourly/Charters is calculated from garage to garage, with an additional hour added to all Hourly/Charters (30 minutes for travel in each direction to and from the garage).

2. Hourly/Charter minimums are as follows:

Sedans/SUVs: 3-hour minimum
Minivans/Vans: 4-hour minimum
Buses/Coaches: 5-hour minimum

3. Should Hourly/Charters exceed the reserved booking time, we will attempt to accommodate; however, we cannot guarantee availability.

4. Assurance is provided only for the duration initially booked. Any extra time required for Hourly/Charters services will be charged in one-hour increments.

  • Cancellations:

1. Full Charge: If you cancel with up to three days’ notice, (the full amount 100% of will be charged)
2. Half refund: (50% of the amount) for cancellations given 7 to 3 days’ notice.
3. Quarter refund: (25% of the amount) for cancellations given 15 to 7 days’ notice.
4. No charge: for cancellations with more than 16 days’ notice.

  • Damage/Smoking/Drinking/Eating:

1. The client accepts complete financial responsibility for any damage caused to the limousine/vehicle during the rental period by themselves or any individuals in their group.

2. Smoking of any type (cigarette, vaping, or any other type) will have a fee of €350.00.

3. There is no eating or drinking of any type of beverage in any vehicle except for the water we provide. A cleaning fee of €250.00 will be added for any garbage/liquid spills in the vehicles.

4. The consumption of alcohol and use of drugs are prohibited by law. Any resulting fines will be the responsibility of the customer.

5. We are not liable for delays or service interruptions during winter due to hazardous road conditions (e.g., unsalted roads, accidents). Delays may also occur due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control (such as accidents, traffic congestion, or road closures). Additionally, we are not responsible for items left behind in the limousine.

6. Vehicles, including buses and coaches, must not be loaded beyond their seating capacity.

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